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Vinyl windows
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Custom Vinyl Windows

Why Choose The Third Estimate for Your Windows?

When you need custom windows, call on the professionals at The Third Estimate. Take a look at our current promotions, check out our window job gallery, and then call us at 330-922-3200 to schedule an appointment.

Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

Not all windows are built the same. Many companies advertise prices starting at $129, $189 or even $249. Typically, they are advertising a product that doesn't have all the options that you may want in your home. These windows may be great for flipping houses or rental properties, but not the home where you pay your heating & cooling costs. These windows are typically used by companies that are younger and can't offer exceptional service, quality or longevity, but can offer just a low price.

Our specialty windows do meet the higher standards of the NFRC and EnergyStar. These windows are installed by The Third Estimate , because we are more concerned with quality, longevity and energy effiency, rather than explaining why a sub-par product failed
in a few short years. Our custom windows are of higher quality, have greater longevity,
and come with a lifetime warranty. 

The Third Estimate has secret shopped our competion for years. Companies such as Window Nation, Window World, Universal Windows and Champion Windows just to name a few. 
Window styles

What Do We Install?

We install windows that meet your needs first. We will never force a product on you or a price range that is not within your budget. Our primary business is installing great looking, energy efficient windows that function well, are easy to use and come with a lifetime warranty. However, we understand budget conscience homeowners, property managers, home-flipppers and the needs of our commercial clients. We have a product for every budget, function and need. This is why we need to look over your home.

What to expect when we give you your estimate?

  • You can expect us to measure all of your windows
  • Show you samples from many manufacturers. So you can be knowledgeable about the products that meets your families needs and budget without wasting your time on future estimates from other companies justifying why their product is the best.
  • Our written estimate will be accurate and valid for up to one year.

How does the Savy Window Customer Pay For The Project?

 Windows are not a one time investment. Higher performing windows will continue to pay for themselves after the purchase, with reduced energy costs. Our customers have told us that the windows have reduced their monthly heating and cooling costs nearly 25-40%!

What this means is the savvy window customer chooses to finance their higher performing windows, because on a cash flow basis the windows they choose might not cost them anything when they account for their energy savings vs the lower monthly energy bill.

Window styles

Why Choose The Third Estimate for Your Windows?

  • Family owned and operated
  • A+ BBB rating
  • All windows are custom made in Ohio
  • Lifetime warranty

Window Styles

There are hundreds of frame and glass options for you to mix and match. Shop around, but don't be fooled. Insulated glass does not mean it is coated with LoE or includes Argon Gas. Be informed! Unless it states it, they are not there!
Window styles
Window styles
Window styles

We have WINDOW OPTIONS that meet every goal!

Financing option
Ask About Our
Military, Teacher, & Senior Discounts!
"I had The Third Estimate replace our windows and front door. They did excellent work. Their pricing was fair, and their communication was very well done. We were very, very happy with the quality of the products and installation was painless. Great staff of people who genuinely want the best for you."
 - Deb J., Facebook
"Company rep was punctual and professional. Once the process started, he handled everything, including meeting insurance adjusters. The work that they do is envied by other construction companies."
- Larry A., Chillicothe, OH

GOOD Window

  • White vinyl
  • Around 40 mil thick
  • Some virgin vinyl
  • Hollow single frame
  • Screwed or welded together


  • White and tan vinyl
  • 50 - 60 mil thick
  • Virgin vinyl
  • Multi-chambered frame
  • Welded frame and sash


  • Many colors  & wood grains
  • 60 - 90 mil thick
  • Virgin vinyl
  • Multi-chambered frames
  • Welded frame and sash
  • Foam insulated frames

We also have GLASS OPTIONS that meet every goal!

GOODGlass Options

  • Double-pane or insulated glass

BETTER Glass Options

  • LoE and argon gas on glass

BESTGlass Options

  • LoE with multiple layers of coatings (LoE², LoE³, or even LoE⁴)
  • Argon gas and / or krypton gas
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