Types of Roofs

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Mar 21, 2022

There are many types of roofs to match your needs and your style preferences. Which is your favorite?

When you are building your home, you have a few different roofing options to consider. It's better if you have a clear idea of the different types of roofs and what they can offer. Then you will be able to go ahead with the best type of roof that matches your style and preferences. In this article, we will share details with you related to the most prominent types of roofs.

  • Gable roof Out of different types of roofs, Gable roofs are the most popular. They have a triangle spot, which is created when the two pitched parts of the roof meet each other. The main reason why this type of roof is so popular is that it is easy to build. In addition, it can effectively shed water while assisting with ventilation.

  • Hip roof Hip roofs are quite complex, but they look good. There are four different sides to a hip roof. Even though hip roofs are good-looking, they are not as good at offering ventilation. Roofing specialists don't encourage anyone to get hip roofs in areas where there are high winds.

  • Dutch roof The Dutch roof is similar to the hip roof, but there is a small gable present at both ends. As a result, it is quite easy to gain access to the lower part of the roof. It provides extra space and allows natural light to fall.

  • Mansard roof Mansard roofs comes from a French design. There are two different slopes present on each side of a mansard roof. However, the bottom part of a mansard roof is steep. As a result, there is additional space within the roof area making it ideal for extra storage or additional living area.

  • Flat roof In most instances, flat roofs are not completely flat. They have low slops, which make them appear to be flat. It allows water to run off effectively.

  • Shed roof The shed roof is similar to a flat roof, but you will be able to find more pitch in them. Shed roofs are often used when building a new addition to the home.

  • Butterfly roof If you are looking for a unique and good-looking roof, a butterfly roof is a great option to consider. The modern look of the butterfly roof provides ventilation and plenty of light. However, drainage can become a problem in a butterfly roof.

  • Gambrel roof You can call a Gambrel roof a barn roof as well. That's because these roofs have been used in barns. You can obtain additional headroom in the attic with the help of a Gambrel roof.

  • Dormer roof Dormer roofs are an extension of the existing roof. You get a dormer when you install a window in a roof. As a result, you can find some useful space inside the dormer roof, with plenty of light.

Final words

Now that you're aware of the different types of roofs available pick out the best type of roof for your preferences.


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