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Apr 21, 2022

Will solar panels affect my roof warranty?

Getting solar panels installed at your home is a great way to ensure energy efficiency. However, most people who are about to get solar panels installed on their roofs wonder whether it will impact their roof warranty. This article will help to clear away any confusion.

Will solar panels affect your roof warranty?

In most instances, installing solar panels will not void your warranty of your roof. However, you must be sure to seek the assistance of an expert for the installation of solar panels because you will not be able to keep the roof warranty intact if the solar panel installer has not used an appropriate racking system for the installation of solar panels. All installation work should be done according to the recommended direction of the manufacturer.

Before signing any contracts or having any solar panel installation performed, you should carefully read your manufacturer's and installer's warranties. If there are any questions, you should contact the manufacturer or installer to obtain clarity. The written warranty will always be the final word in any dispute, so be sure you understand your warranty when in doubt.

At the time of installing a solar racking system, it is important to pay special attention to waterproofing or flashing to prevent water from penetrating the roof. By doing that, you can receive all the support you need to keep the 25-year warranty period for your solar panels.

What are the different types of racking systems?

If you have a pitched roof, the system will include screws or bolts that penetrate the structure of your building. On the other hand, you can purchase a ballasted rack, which will use weight in order to keep the entire system in place. There is no need to use fasteners when using this kind of system. If you have a flat roof, this is probably the best system for that application.

In either case, you need to be certain that a high-quality racking system is installed on top of your roof. It should be in a position to keep the weight in place and the manufacturer should provide an assurance that it will not create a negative impact on the roof deck. This way, you can protect your roof and avoid any worries you may have regarding your warranty.

Final thoughts

As you can see, getting a new solar panel system in the right way will not void the warranty of your roof. However, you will need to make sure that you get it installed by a specialist. If you try to do it on your own, you could make costly mistakes that WILL void your warranty. Be sure that your solar panel installer is aware of your warranty and how to get the job done right. Then you can enjoy peace of mind and the benefits of your new solar panel system.

DISCLAIMER: Always refer to your specific written warranty. Although we strive to provide good advice and information on best practices in the industry, you should always consult your written warranty information to insure there is no breach of your warranty. In the event of a dispute, the written agreement will always be the final word.


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