Roofing Warranties

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Apr 26, 2022

A good warranty protects you against defective materials and faulty installation.

Replacing your roof is a significant and costly investment. Whether you're building a new home or replacing a roof on an existing home, you want to be certain that your roof is covered by an adequate warranty on the materials and workmanship.

Toward this end, we'll discuss several aspects to consider when constructing a new roof.

Basically, there are two components of a warranty:

  • Roofing Material Warranty;

  • Roofing Workmanship Warranty

A material warranty is provided by the manufacturer and covers the products purchased for installation.

A roofing workmanship warranty is provided by the contractor who installs your roof.

You will often be offered an extended warranty option that covers the contractor's installation and workmanship as well as extends the warranty time for the roofing products purchased from the manufacturer.

Note that most manufacturer warranties only cover the cost of defective shingles for a limited time. They do NOT cover the cost of having the shingles installed by a roofer. If it is necessary to tear off a part of the roof to replace defective shingles, this usually is not covered.

Manufacturers provide coverage when materials are defective. However, they don't warranty faulty installation of the roofing components or issues with other components from other manufacturers.

Your contractor is the key to your roof's long-term health and longevity. There is no substitute for a skilled, established roofer who stands behind their work, so choosing a reputable contractor from the start is a very important step in this process.

Generally, your contractor warranty will cover the cost of labor and materials needed to make necessary repairs because of contractor errors or poor workmanship. This should also extend to any damage to the structure's interior and personal effects.

Of course, your contractor can't be responsible for the weather. Storms, wind damage, ice, and falling trees are circumstances where your contractor cannot be held responsible.

However, we'll discuss natural disasters in another article.

Extended warranties are often available for new roofs installed by authorized contractors of the manufacturer of the roofing system and cover all roof system components against both defects and workmanship.

Considering the value of such an important investment in your home, the additional cost of a roof warranty just might be worth the peace of mind of knowing that you are protected.


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