Roof Replacement Or Repair

The Third Estimate

Apr 25, 2022

Most of the time you can repair a roof, but there are times when it must be replaced.

If you have the telltale signs of roof damage, such as water leaks inside your home, or big wet spots on your walls or ceiling (or if you can see the plywood on your roof because shingles have been ripped from the structure), then you need to address these issues.

The question you must answer is whether you need to repair the roof or if a complete replacement is required.

You can repair your roof in almost every instance, which is much less costly. However, there are some instances where you must replace the entire roof.

The age and present condition of the roof are the major factors you'll need to determine your course of action.

Do you have low-quality shingles or higher-quality architectural shingles rated for up to 40 years of service? Is your roof sagging like the back of an old mare? Are shingles missing? Can you see exposed wood or even holes on the roof? Are small trees growing out of the gutters? Is there moss covering a substantial part of the roof? Are the shingles curled, allowing water to get under them?

Your answers to the questions above will determine whether your roof can be safely repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

In most instances, you can repair the roof.

Small holes, cracking caulk around flashings or pipe boots, most weather damage, tree damage, issues with ventilation, and missing shingles can be repaired for the most part.

When these issues are caught early on, it is easier to repair. However, if problems are allowed to fester, these small problems, such as a few shingles that are blown off during a storm, can become a major problem if water is allowed to leak into the structure over an extended period of time causing rot, mold, or other problems.

This is why multiple roof inspections throughout the year are necessary to catch any problems that could lead to repairs later on. It is much less expensive to repair a roof when issues are minor than to allow problems to drag on until they begin to affect the integrity of the entire structure.

Regularly inspecting and repairing your roof when minor repairs are necessary will help you maximize your roof's life.

Of course, there are disadvantages to repairing your roof vs. replacing it.

One problem is matching shingle colors and styles. If you have an old roof, it is difficult to match the color and style of your shingles. If a large section of the shingles must be replaced, the repair work could leave an unsightly difference where the repair was made. If your repair is made toward the curb, it could really be an eyesore.

Remember that repairs are only as good as the roofing professional who performs the work. Roofers perform very specialized work and it takes skill to complete the job right. An unskilled worker can damage an old roof, causing additional damage down the road.

This is why it is important to hire the right roofer in the first place. This is a topic all by itself and will be covered in another article.


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