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Apr 19, 2022

What should an inspector look for when examining your roof?

It is a must to obtain a regular professional roof inspection. Roof inspections can help you get a better understanding of the overall condition of your roof and confirm whether your roof is structurally solid or not.

Roof inspections are not something that you can do on your own unless you are a trained professional. Of course, you can and should visually check your roof on a regular basis and check for obvious problems. However, when it comes to issues regarding the structure and underlying health of your roof, you will need to seek the assistance of an expert. Let's take a look at the areas that a professional inspector will check.

Structural inspection

One of the most important services a roof inspector provides is the structural inspection. The roof inspector will examine the uneven planes of your roof and look for signs of sagging. They will also check the condition of the fascia and the gutter system of your roof. If there's a masonry chimney present in your house, you can expect the roof inspector to carefully inspect it as well. The inspector will observe it and locate the presence of cracks around the flashing. Moreover, you can also expect the roof inspector to check the venting of the attic because improper venting can lead to moisture and heat buildup within the roof which increases the risk of developing ice dams at the edge of your roof... leading to physical damage to the roofing material (which leads to leaks) as well as the development of mold.

Interior inspection

In addition to examining the exterior, the inspector should also perform an interior inspection of your roof. This is one of the most effective methods to determine roof leaks. Roof leaks can cause major damage to your home resulting in major repairs and huge expense. The inspector will check the interior ceilings, interior walls, and the attic to see whether there are water stains, rot, or mold present. Based on the findings, you can obtain the appropriate assistance to fix all the leaks. In addition, your roof inspector should seek out signs of any infestation by insects, rodents, birds, or any other pests that can damage your roof and cause serious harm to the home's structure.

Material inspection

Another service a qualified roof inspector can perform is a material inspection. This is where the roof inspector will check for missing, loose, or curling shingles, moss, stains, or rust that is present. Shingle deterioration and degranulation is one of the most common problems that can take place on your roof. During the material inspection, these issues will be identified. You can also expect the roof inspector to check the seals around the vent pipes and rubber boots. If there is visible deterioration or gaps, you can get assistance with fixing them.

At The Third Estimate Roofing Contractors, if we find a leak on your commercial roof that can be fixed with sealant, we'll attempt to fix it during the inspection at no charge.

Final thoughts

These are the inspection services that you can expect from a professional roof inspector. In addition to the inspection, most reputable inspection companies will fix small potential issues that can be fixed with sealant.


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