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Apr 8, 2022

Gutters play a critical role in maintaining a healthy roof. Don't forget about them!

Gutters play an important role in the functionality of your house. Unfortunately, most homeowners ignore them. The main objective of your gutter system is to get water from the roof to the ground, and additionally to direct water as it arrives at ground level. Gutters provide protection to your home against all sorts of water damage that can take place. To understand the importance of gutters, you should be aware of how rain gutter systems work. Continue to read and we'll share all the useful details that you need to know.

How do rain gutter systems work?

Rain gutter systems collect rainwater from your roof and channel it through a downspout to the ground. When it rains, water rolls down from slopes of your roof into the gutters. When the water pools in gutters, it travels via the gutter system and into the downspout. The downspouts continue to carry water out of gutters and are finally directed away from the foundation of the house.

The gutter system should divert water away from the basement or foundation. Sometimes this is achieved through the use of a splash block which is located at the base of the downspout. The objective is to keep excess water from damaging the foundation of your home.

Why should you take good care of gutters?

Rain gutters play a major role in protecting your house against water and rain damage. If there was no gutter system, rainwater would simply collect on your roof or roll off the roof and pool at your foundation. As a result, you could end up with problems related to deterioration, rot, and mold. This can also weaken the shingles on your roof.

Gravity naturally pulls rainwater down. As a result, rainwater can get into the siding, windows, and foundation of the house. Moisture accumulated within the windows can lead to problems with condensation. This can damage the interior and still walls of your windows. On top of that, grime and mold can also develop and lead to multiple problems.

When pooling against the foundation of your home, water will cause erosion. This can weaken the structure and integrity of your house over time. Moreover, it can lead to problems with basement flooding. Your gutters provide protection against all of these potential problems.

Get the help of a gutter repair specialist

Take care of your gutters and they will take care of you! Ignoring your gutters can lead to expensive problems. Debris and leaves can block gutters and lead to clogs causing water to overflow them. This can damage the siding of your house. High winds and heavy storms can also misalign the gutter system. Keep your eyes open for such problems and make sure that you seek the assistance of a gutter repair specialist to fix them.


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